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Day 1: Learn how to create value propositions that sell using the Value Proposition Canvas.

The Value Proposition Canvas tackles the core challenges of every business — creating compelling products and services customers want to buy. This strategic tool helps marketing experts, product owners, and value creators to better understand customers and communicate the value that they bring in a visual and collaborative way.

Target the right customers and find the right fit.

  • Map the value that a product or service brings against the jobs, pains, and gains of the target customer.
  • Discover and test messaging that will resonate with customers.
  • Find the best possible product-market fit.

Why use the Value Proposition Canvas?

Precisely define your customer profiles.

Identify your customer’s major Jobs-to-be-done, the pains they face when trying to accomplish their Jobs-to-be-done and the gains they perceive by getting their jobs done.

Visualize the value you create.

Define the most important components of your offering, how you relieve pain and create gains for your customers.

Achieve Product-Market fit.

Adjust your Value Proposition based on the insights you gained from customer evidence and achieve Product-Market fit.

Day 2: Learn how to design and assess winning business models.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. It allows to describe, challenge, test, and pivot a business model.

Build A Strong, Profitable Business That Can Compete In Today’s Market

  • Turn hypothetical discussions into practical outcomes.
  • Create a shared language around business models and strategy.
  • Improve collaboration across disciplines within your organization.

Why use the Business Model Canvas?

Map Existing Business Models.

Visualize and communicate a simple story of how you plan to create value for the customer and for your business.

Design New Business Models.

Use the canvas as a basis to explore in a simple and practical way new business models, whether you are a startup or an existing business.

Manage a Portfolio of Business Models.

The canvas can help to easily assess and evaluate different business models.

Who is the Business Model Design Workshop for?

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Design new business models in a clear, practical way so you can clearly explain your idea to customers and investors. Figure out where you need to start testing to validate your ideas. 

Corporate Innovators

Utilize a clear, customer-oriented approach to designing new value propositions and bringing them to the market, or improving existing products. Create new business models and value propositions to build new growth engines.

Sales & Marketing Teams

Better understand the business model and how to sell your value propositions to various customer segments.

Corporate Leadership

Clarify and create a shared language around a business model for strategic reorientation, or for more effective internal corporate reorganizations.

Workshop’s approach:

  • Bite-sized information.
  • Work together & individually.
  • Hands-on & practical.
  • Group discussions and real-life cases.
  • Debriefs and key takeaways.
  • In-person or virtual.

Proven strategic tools used by the best across the world.

The Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas created by the renowned experts in business models, Dr. Alex Osterwalder and Dr. Yves Pigneur. Both tools are used by thousands leading organizations and startups worldwide.

The Business Model Design helps you drive your new growth.

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